I owe numerous lives, I kneel to elders with bent knees
I’ve taken more than I should, indebted to the family tree
Wishing guilt could erase past, but the past’s what makes me, me
I hope to make it all up, and make my parents over-pleased
But until I see that day, I’ll be a knowledge seeking Socrates
Fathoming a life where I could hope to love and breathe

I trudge a new path, yesterday is obsolete
So take my hand, and find adventure underneath your feet



Lost my soul inside that framed picture
Struck by her radiance I couldn’t speak to thank her
Caught my breath long enough for it to be taken away ten times quicker
She changed my life and in exchange I gave her an offer
Twisted mind divided like rivers
Frail heart erratically flitters
Poisonous liquors made me sicker
Shivering souls been withered and filled with slivers
So if you could end this all, I wouldn’t call you a killer

“I’d rather be your savior”

Into my face she pushed pen and paper and told me to fear no failure
Thirty minutes later she stood impressed with her new creative illustrator
Out flew parchment with a matter of strange shapes, landscapes, and great lakes
And with joy no greater she vanished like vapor, bearing no regret of mistakes

So I draw her portrait in my sleep
Frame it with my soul, it’s hers to keep


I’m an antisocial glitch in the system
Anxiety pressures pushed past the peak point of permission
Wishing there was a way to ctrl alt delete, end process: existence
I’ve died a thousand times but these hit points remain infinite

LCDs flicker a pixelated night terror
Hacked my mental mainframe just to shatter the mirror
Heart wrapped in ethernet, don’t sever the server
Stop this shitty loop cycle: critical error

System restart failed
Life felt unveiled


Bribed cupid to guide my hearts trajectory
So when I look into your face, will I survey our synergy?
Or be caught inside the trap, hunting emotional symmetry

Learning to swims not as easy as it seems to be
Drowning in this uncaring lack of company
My social raft needs some patches and refinery
A skeleton captain who doesn’t rely on the winery
A codex just to understand your communicable binary
If I could read your mind would it be as frantic as mine would be?
Or at peace, sublime, just a butterfly, carefree

I’ll search the depth of the oceans to chase the stars into infinity
But when I get back, all I’ll say is “cupid got the best of me”


I just need a little longer
To try to suppress these demons and their insurmountable hunger
Fed them my dreams but their souls still long for her
Option to release them and leave the world skewed somber

History is only written by the conqueror
He won the war but ended his run with his own knife, stronger
Serene essence of a spiritually conflicted warmonger

I need a companion or an ally
Someone who understands the potential of a fleeting past life


Widowed to his love of the world

The isolation left scars upon his will to learn
Every bridge intentionally singed to the point of no return
Organs cackle like cinder as ashes fill the urn

A worm addicted to bittersweet asphalt burns left his nervous system shaking
Toads in the cauldron choke down a potion of awakening
Toxicity seething, your pressence is suffocating
Nothing matters but escaping I refuse to become your plaything

It’s too bad to be untrue
I’m falling in hate with you